Vin Santo Armida among the 300 wines awarded by Vinibuoni d’Italia

Le donne di Castelvecchio

The women of Azienda Agricola Castelvecchio in Merano to receive the award...

On the occasion of the prestigious Merano Wine Festival, now in its 32nd edition, Our precious Vin Santo Armida has received an award for being among the 300 best wines of the Italian territory carefully selected among the more than 35000 labels by the guide “Vini buoni d’Italia”. The jury, composed of the regional coordinators of the guide, awarded the highest score to our Vin Santo, allowing him to obtain the crown (symbol of excellence) and access to the national finals during which he was selected among the TOP 300 nationally. The explosive noso and sweetness on the palate are the characteristics that, together with a remarkable drink and concentration, have fascinated the judges.  

The CORONA indicates excellence, are awarded wines characterized elegance, finesse, balance…

In the TOP 300 are awarded wines that best express the territory they belong to with their ability to excite for a long time…

The blue crown is awarded by a commission parallel to the official Vinibuoni d’Italia…

It was the women of the family: Prisca Pantani, Giulia Scateni, Laura Leone, Claudia Pantani and Aurora Scateni who received the prestigious award during the award ceremony held in Merano during one of the most important wine events.



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“A real satisfaction for all our company to see that the hard work in the vineyard and in the cellar is recognized and awarded nationally”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Famiglia Castelvecchio

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