Our history


The history of the company begins in the early 2000s when Claudia, the youngest daughter of the Pantani family, with the support of her brothers and cousins, decided to resume what has always been the main activity of the family and of the Terricciola area: the vine cultivation.

Thus the land (10 hectares) was purchased and work began on the construction of the cellar carried out by the family construction company and, at the same time, the 6 hectare vineyard was planted. In 2006, the first grape harvest took place: Trebbiano, Malvasia and Colombana for the production of white wine and Vin Santo and Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc for the production of red wines.

As the years pass, we realize that the idea of attention, care and respect for the territory and nature combined with the idea of producing high quality wines are fundamental aspects for the company; in fact, in 2015, thanks to the maturity of the vineyard and the excellent quality of the grapes, the Limited Edition wines began to be produced: Massima Felicità, Qui e Ora and Graduale, made with a selection of the best grapes from the vineyard; the particular labels, the quality of the grapes and the attention to the production of each single bottle make the Limited Edition wines a peculiarity for the Company.

The company is run with an ORGANIC method: respect for the soil, for the nature of local traditions and the dignity of careful work in the vineyard and cellar to create high quality wines.



One of the main characteristics of the company is that it is exclusively family-run and all “pink”; in fact, it is the women of the family who take care of the management of the company in all aspects; care of the vineyard, work in the cellar, tastings and sales of the wines are conducted by Claudia, accompanied by her sisters-in-law Laura and Antonella and her nieces Prisca, Giulia and Aurora.

The Castelvecchio Agricultural Company is carrying forward a project that you have imagined and doing it with your own hands, posing problems and hypothesizing solutions; the whole family is involved in this enterprise, in the realization of a dream and the realization of a passion.